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“I’m always carrying a sketch book
so I can jot down spontaneous ideas on paper.”

Thomas Lafont


A Passionate Creator

Thomas Lafont is the head of Artistic Direction and designs two collections annually. All frames are created in our Parisian studio, then manufactured by Thierry s.a. in Morbier in the Jura region.
Inspiration comes from Paris - its Seine, its architecture, its colors and so much more.

“Inspiration is a succession of creative associations, a desire for beauty and a search for balance.”

It all starts with a sketch. Thomas puts down his first ideas and the characteristic elements of the next frame. Then, a drawing is made to scale, which creates the starting point for the Manufacture’s work.
The Maison’s creative independence makes it possible to envision original collections with Parisian chic.


Inspiration MADE IN PARIS

Maison Lafont cultivates a Parisian attitude. This bold, ever-evolving Parisian style means we are never afraid of revisiting our best sellers to adapt them to the seasons using an exclusive color palette..

Made in Paris Interview with Thomas Lafont

How do you define Paris?
For me, Paris is the Seine. It’s my landmark. The Seine brings meaning to Parisian wanderings. I love its movement, its changing colors and rhythms.
Paris is a city filled with stories. The stories of Parisians are closely tied to the city. Paris is alive! The city pulses with the lives of all who inhabit it, from anonymous individuals to public personalities, from those who live here to those who are only passing through. The capital cobblestones are the silent guardians of Parisian secrets!

Thomas Lafont

What do you like best in Paris?
The streets! I like going for a walk early in the morning to watch the city wake up. The best season to do this is early summer, in June. Seeing Paris empty makes you feel like the city belongs to you. It’s a magical feeling.
I’m especially drawn to its little streets, more than the prominent Parisian thoroughfares. Streets like Rue des Petits-Champs and Rue de Turenne have the same environment as the large adjoining avenues but are more private with a human scale.

What color describes Paris?
It’s a collection of colors: green for the trees along the boulevards, gray for the cobblestones, and blue for the sky. The color of Paris also comes from Parisians themselves: their outfits and diversity.